The Red, White and Blue Card Company came about as a result of two events. The first being unable to find a greeting card that expressed how proud we were of our son when he completed his basic training in the spring of 2003. Second, when our friend’s two sons returned from Iraq, there wasn’t a card out there that could even begin to express our gratitude for their service to our country.

The purpose of our company is to provide a product for the military, police, firefighters and their families, which benchmarks their accomplishments, service, retirements, etc. It also allows a medium in which the public can express pride and appreciation to the many individuals who deserve to be thanked and encouraged.

Hey guys, we have designed cards you will be proud to send to one another. Research shows that women are the primary card purchasers. That may remain the case for our cards as well, but we believe that the theme and style of our cards will be among those that men in uniform will want to purchase for each other.  Many of them exude patriotism, pride and brotherhood.

We recognize the need for raising funds within the “services” community.  We desire to offer a product that these groups can use to earn money for their fundraising events.  At my youngest son’s graduation, the drill sergeant’s wives were selling soda on a chilly day at one of the festivities in order to raise money for their group.  They could make a great profit selling a graduation card designed specifically for their base because it is difficult for families to find a graduation card designed for the military.  I know first hand!

What sets our company apart from other greeting card companies is that we are committed to giving back a portion of our profits to organizations that assist our men and women in uniform and their families in times of need.  Check out our page on to Organizations We Support .   These organizations are truly inspiring and deserving of recognition and support.  We will be adding Police and Firefighters support organizations as our company grows.

Your input and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to contact us.

Dennis and Jackie Kabel